Skin Tones

Skin Type & Sun Exposure: What You Need To Know.

Author: Dr David Shaw, a skin and cosmetic GP at Kingscliff Health medical and allied health centre in Kingscliff, NSW.

Ok, lets start with the obvious – fair skin generally has a higher skin cancer risk.  However, some people with darker skin may be unlucky enough to have a different genetic predisposition to skin cancer.

Melanin, the pigment in skin, absorbs UV rays from the sun which may otherwise cause skin cancer and photo-ageing (pigmentation, thinning and fine wrinkles).  As an added bonus, darker-skinned individuals also have a greater ability to repair sun-related DNA damage.

So are there any benefits from having fair skin?

Yes! Fair skin is better at using the sun’s UV rays to synthesize Vitamin D.  This is really important as Vitamin D is essential for many body functions including bone health and mood.

Fair skin is also better at regulating the immune system through very short sun exposures.  Science has recently discovered that small amounts of sun exposure will damp down immune system overactivity thus reducing or preventing some autoimmune conditions.  This is a ‘watch this space’ area where new research discoveries are ongoing.

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